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Mrs. Freda's 5th Grade

Note to parents and students
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Dear Parents and Students:

If you are cast in "The Pirates of Penzance" you will be required to attend various rehearsals.
  • From November to January, various students will meet once to twice a week.
  • Not all students will be required to attend every rehearsal, every week. These early rehearsals are designed so students can learn songs and their lines.


  • When January arrives, all students should have their lines and songs memorized so we may begin blocking.
  • From January to the performance in March, rehearsals will take place everyday. Not every cast member will need to attend all rehearsals.
  • Castmembers will be given a calendar, which will state when castmembers are needed.
  •  As we get closer to the performance date,  every cast member will need to attend all rehearsals. During this time, the show will be run from start to finish.


  • Homework-If you are scheduled to be at rehearsal on a certain day but you are not yet on stage, you are allowed to work on homework.
Good Luck!

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