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Mrs. Freda's 5th Grade

Extra Credit
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Where In the World?/Famous Face Extra Credit

Every Monday a new famous place and a famous face will be placed on the blackboard for students to guess. You will write down the answer (you can only enter one time per week) and your class period on a small piece of paper. You will then place this piece of paper in the plastic container on Mrs. Freda’s desk. You will have until Friday of that week to make a guess.


       Each time you answer each topic correctly, you will earn ONE incentive point. Example: If you answer both the Where in the world? and the Famous Face correctly, you will earn a total of  two incentive points.


       Incentive pts. can be used to drop a lowest homework grade, quiz or test grade. However, you must hand in something in order to drop the grade. ZEROS WILL NOT BE DROPPED! Incentive pts will be turned in at the end of a marking period. Incentive pts. can also be carried over from marking period to marking period so you can accumulate a large number.


 BONUS FACE”-Occasionally a bonus face will appear on the board of a person who is in news. This is a way to keep up on your current events. This will also be worth one point.

What are incentive points worth?

Drop lowest homework grade-10 points

Drop lowest quiz grade-15 points

Drop lowest test or project grade-20 points.



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