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Mrs. Freda's 5th Grade

Meet Mrs. Freda

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                 As a little girl,  Mrs. Freda loved school and would spend hours pretending to be her favorite teacher. As a child, her favorite subjects were Social Studies and Language Arts.  As a teen,  Mrs. Freda developed an interest and love for the music of The Beatles. This interest caused her to turn to the guitar. She spent hours locked away in her room listening to every Beatle's song and trying to recreate it on the guitar. 


          Mrs. Freda graduated from Centenary College with a

          degree in Communications. Upon graduation of college she asked herself, "Now what?" 


          In 1993, she formed a band called Good Girls Don't that would go on to perform on MTV and appear with various famous bands like The Spice Girls. In 1998, GGD disbanded and Mrs. Freda tried her hand at sales. She was in sales for five years when she married and realized she wanted to pursue teaching. She went back to graduate school and earned her teaching license. Mrs. Freda loves teaching and integrates music in her class. 



Favorite Subject-Social Studies
Favorite Animals-Smokey and Gizzie (my Persian cats)
Favorite Baseball Team-The New York Yankees
Favorite Band-The Beatles
Favorite Book-"Pet Semetary"
Favorite Movies-"The Godfather" and "Gone With the Wind"
Favorite Song-Too many Beatle songs to choose

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